If a 30 year old came up to your door on Halloween, would you give him candy?

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My oldest trick-or-treater was in her 60s. She was in a costume and said, "trick or treat," so I happily gave her some candy.
我招待过的最年长的熊孩子是六十几岁的。她身穿着万圣节服装对我说 “不给糖就捣蛋”,于是我很乐意地给了她一些糖果。

I don't care about age at all. I used to say that I do care that they are wearing a costume and say "trick or treat," but not anymore.

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I just gave candy to a woman way over 30 if I had to guess. She was?chaperoning?her teens around. I said I had an?excess?of candy and told her to help herself. And no, she was not in costume.

获得268好评的回答@Maura Rudd

Absolutely. I don't care how old you are, if you show up at my door at a reasonable hour on Halloween, you are getting some candy.

In fact, if you just happen to stop by for a visit the day after Halloween, I will probably try and force?leftover?candy on you as well.

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Yes. That 30-year old would be there for a reason that I would likely be unaware of, perhaps an unknown friend, perhaps a developmentally delayed adult, perhaps there for an unfathomable reason. I'd try not to be judgemental.