adj. 人道主义的


In?the podcast Awake at Night, Melissa Fleming, the chief spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), explores what it takes to be a?humanitarian?worker in some of the world’s most difficult and dangerous situations.

The stories are heartbreaking and harrowing and utterly fascinating. Humanitarian aid workers have to be incredibly mentally tough to spend every day trying to make the world a little better for people facing their darkest hours.?

While most aid workers are happy to help disaster victims, refugees, displaced persons, and families find a path forward, it’s tough work. PTSD, anxiety, and stress-related illnesses are all well-known side effects of humanitarian work.

Now aid workers are getting a little help to take care of themselves.

The United Nations Foundation along with the athleisure-wear brand Lululemon created Peace on Purpose, a program that provides UN development and humanitarian workers with yoga and mindfulness training to help counteract stress, strengthen leadership, and build resiliency.?

According to Calvin McDonald, Lululemon’s CEO, the program was created specifically with the needs of humanitarian workers in mind.

“They face unique pressures and challenging situations, and the program provides insights into mindfulness for a variety of situations,” McDonald told Fast Company in an email, explaining that they tailored yoga, meditation, and mindfulness training programs to UN staff and local leaders.

Lululemon has built a social impact program into its corporate culture, including one element, dubbed Here to Be, that helps communities access yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.?
露露柠檬已在其企业文化中建立了一个有社会影响力的项目,其中包括一个要素,被称为“在这里”(Here to Be),以帮助公众学习瑜伽,冥想和正念。

It’s supported more than 300 nonprofit organizations since 2016 and knew the program can help in even the most stressful environments.



humanitarian [hj?,m?n?'te?r??n]?

adj. 人道主义的


humanitarian aid


He termed the war a humanitarian nightmare.