Alphabet-owned drone delivery spin-out Wing is starting to service U.S. customers, after becoming the first drone delivery company to get the federal go-ahead to do so earlier this year.

Wing is working with FedEx Express and Walgreens on this pilot, and their first customers are Michael and Kelly Collver, who will get a “cough and cold pack,” which includes Tylenol, cough drops, facial tissues, Emergen-C and bottled water (do people who have colds need bottled water?).
Wing的这一项目与联邦快递和沃尔格林公司合作,第一批顾客是Michael和Kelly Collver,他们将得到“咳嗽和感冒包裹”,包括泰诺、止咳药、面巾纸、Emergen-C和瓶装水(感冒的人需要瓶装水吗?)

The Collvers are receiving their package in Christianburg, Va., which is where Wing and Walgreens will run this inaugural pilot of the drone delivery service.


Walgreens gets a noteworthy credit in the bargain, becoming the first U.S. retailer to do a store-to-customer doorstep delivery via drone, while FedEx will be the first logistics provider to deliver an e-commerce drone delivery with a separate shipment.

Wing is also working with Virginia’s Sugar Magnolia, a retailer local to the state, and that part of the equation is focused on proving out how Wing and drone delivery can service last-mile e-commerce customers at their homes.
Wing也在和弗吉尼亚州的Sugar Magnolia公司合作,该公司是当地零售商,这一合作重点是要证明Wing和无人机快递如何为电商消费者送货上门。

Sugar Magnolia customers can get small items, including chocolates and paper goods, delivered directly to them via drone through the new pilot.
Sugar Magnolia公司的消费者能买小件物品,包括巧克力和纸制品,新的试运行项目可以用无人机直接将货物送给消费者。

Wing was able to do this with a new Air Carrier Certificate from the FAA that clears it for expanded service, specifically allowing Wing’s pilots to manage multiple aircraft flying without any human pilot on board at the same time, while providing service to the public.