He Yuhong, a 27-year-old beauty blogger from China, has become an online sensation thanks to her amazing ability to transform herself into a doppelganger of celebrities and iconic characters, using makeup.

He, who posts photos and videos of her work on various social networks under the pseudonym?Yuyamika, shot to fame last year, when she used her makeup skills to turn herself into a real-life version of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The video of her remarkable transformation got tens of millions of views on China’s Weibo platform alone, and quickly went viral on Western social networks as well.
她化名 Yuyamika,在各种社交网络上发布了她作品的照片和视频。去年,她用自己的化妆技巧把自己变成了现实生活中的蒙娜丽莎,从而一举成名。她的美妆视频仅在中国的微博平台上就获得了数千万的观看次数,并且很快在西方社交网络上迅速传播开来。

Since then, Yuhong has been entertaining her growing fan base with more makeup magic, turning herself into doppelgangers of celebrities like Johnny Depp and Taylor Swift, as well as Albert Einstein or the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

We’ve seen makeup artists use their faces as a canvas for remarkable art?before, but the degree of realism in He Yuhong’s transformations is simply unprecedented. In fact, some of her projects turn out so well that they leave viewers wondering if the artist is using some sort of digital editing tool to achieve the uncanny resemblance to her inspiration.

The young beauty blogger started her chameleonic career by turning herself into doppelgangers of celebrities, but her career really took off when she accepted a fan’s suggestion to tackle famous artworks as well. That’s how her famous Mona Lisa project came to be, which she followed up with a nearly perfect reproduction of Lady with an Ermine, and then Girl with a Pearl Earring.

“I love?oil paintings?myself,”?Yuyamika told Daily Mail?last year. “So, when I saw the great response on the Mona Lisa video, I went on to create?Lady with an Ermine to continue the Da Vinci theme.”

“Makeup artists concentrate mostly on trying to recreate the looks of celebrities. Few came up with the idea of transforming into figures from oil paintings. I did it,” she told China Daily.

He, who hails from?Chongqing, in Southwest China, spends between 4 to 6 hours on each project and post her best work on Miaopai, a popular video platform in China, as well as on Instagram.