What is one thing all women love?

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Well you ask one thing. But no human being can be in love with only one thing.

A woman loves many things. Dress. Food. Make up. Lipstick. Lipgloss. Bags. Shoes. Wallets. Her vanity list is never ending.

Yet deep inside she is as fragile as she can be.

She loves love. The care, pampering, affection, togetherness, compassion and craziness that comes of out it.

Love is what gives bliss. The peace. The happiness to die for.

So she is in love with love.

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A wise man once told me that the way to a woman's heart is through security and the way to a man's heart is through his ego.

In today's world, where women likely don't depend on men for physical security, we do still want to feel safe. We want to know that you value and will love us through the good versions of us and the not-so-good versions and that you will wreak havoc on anyone that tries to hurt us in any way.

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Sorry, we don't have only one. These are a few things which we love:

UNDERSTANDING : We love to talk or spend time with the one who listen and give some time to us and also able to interpret what we are expressing. Then we'll have a very good company and we love it.

RESPECT : We crave for respect and we deserve it too. It's the only thing which we love unconditionally.

COMPLIMENTS : We love compliments even about the smallest of the things. Compliments can be easy yet effective way to make us feel special and of course these things matter to us.